Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Walker Books Australia is committed to supporting community initiatives. Among our activities, each year we enthusiastically host a Biggest Morning Tea in support of the Cancer Council.

This year we've added The Cookbook That Cares. Our authors, illustrators, staff and friends of Walker Books have donated their favourite recipes. They include food ideas that are new and previously unpublished inventions, variations on traditional themes, and even better still, recipes that have been handed down through generations-enjoyed and treasured-but previously not shared outside the 'bosom of the family'. There are indulgences, and there are ideas for work nights.

For this we owe many thanks. To all of our staff recipe authors, thank you. To the authors, illustrators and friends of Walker Books who have been so generous with both time and 'trade secrets', and who've taken the time to photograph their kitchen creations, special gratitude is due.

This project has been embraced with gusto. The Cookbook simply could not fit all of the recipes that continue to flow in! So we’ve begun this blog – for all to enjoy all year round.

No book, or blog is ever created without the efforts of ‘behind the scenes’ creators, and we are thankful for the voluntary labour donated by the small, but very energetic project team from Walker Books for instigating, co-coordinating, editing and designing this ‘little kitchen treasure’.

The idea for this book is from Tiffiny Hemeon, our imaginative Marketing Manager, who tirelessly chased down every recipe for this book. Tiffiny dedicates this book to the memory of her father, Rod Hemeon, who was lost to cancer recently. Our editor, Jess Owen, assiduously checked the text over and made sure that there were no glitches and every recipe in this book was clear and easy to follow. And our kitchen obsessed designer, Donna Rawlins, loved making it as a tribute to her mother Aimee, who was lost to cancer in 1996.

But most of all, our special thanks goes to the very generous people at Oxford Printing who have donated their time, materials and labour completely free of charge, to make this book possible.

From the team at Walker Books

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